Where does the strength of child lie ?

Kids start developing their sense of self as babies when they see themselves through their parent’s eyes. Your tone of voice, your body language and your every expression are absorbed by your children. Your children develop their sense of self-worth by your words and expression more than anything else.

Have you ever noticed how many times you react negatively to your children in a given day? You will find that you criticize them far more often than complimenting.

Do you often compare your child unfavourably with others or are you able to appreciate and encourage.

Are you able to acknowledge their strengths or constantly pointing at their weaknesses?

What is your child’s general feeling- does my mother believe in me and proud of me or she has complaints about me.

Based on these experiences, your child’s self esteem and confidence is developed- or punctured. Just try to recollect your everyday conversations- are they motivating or demotivating?

The more effective approach is to catch kids doing something right : “You completed your homework even without my telling you – that is very good !” These statements will do more to encourage good behaviour over the long run than repeated scoldings.

Praising accomplishments, however small, make them feel proud.

What others say about him is not that important, but what parents say- matters to them a lot. A child believes parents as a God. Whatever they say is true. When you say demotivating dialogs, knowingly or unknowingly, your child starts believing in it, and develops accordingly. needs your love most, specially when you don’t like their behaviour. So, friends love them unconditionally, accept them unconditionally. You believing in him, is his biggest strength.

Your clapping hands are more powerful than slapping hands.

~Raju Dharod