Why your child does not like learning ?

Children are children, they are very curious, energetic, innovative, always looking for new things. Learning is the most enjoyable thing in the world. Learning means knowing something new. Not studying the same thing again and again for achieving good grades, that is not fun.

Learning is fun. Studying is tiring.

Learning is understanding. Studying is mugging up.

Learning has no boundaries. Studying is limited by curriculum.

Learning enriches you. Studying is practicing old, which you already know. It makes you dull.

In short, Learning is Joyful – Studying is boring

child-learningAs parents, we convert the joyful learning into hatred by pressurizing our child to study. Remember friends, learning is a natural instinct, children are learning something every moment.

Your child too loves learning, what he doesn’t love is studying. Children are brilliant, they don’t like or need too much repetition, it makes them dull.

Would you like to read this same topic three times within a week?

No- even you look forward to something new. Then how come your child would like repeating the same thing?

Believe, he understands within one time. If not, you read it with him once and help him to understand rather than forcing him for mugging up.

Understanding brings joy and interest in learning. Know your child is brilliant, intelligent. Don’t bore him with same curriculum.

They want new, provide them with something new, story books just for joy, see how interested they get.

Friends, education does not mean teaching or studying. Education means create interest towards learning. Once children are interested in learning, for the sake of joy, then no one can stop them from being progressive- and becoming Phunksukh Wangdu.

Bolo Ranchoddas Baba ki Jai.

~ Raju Dharod