Why your child does not listen to you?

It is very simple to understand. Do you remember the last time when you did not listen to your husband, it is because he does not listen to you or appreciates you. Likewise, you may not understanding what your child loves to do, or listen to what he says to you.

We seldom try to understand and respect his likings and dis-likings. So he does the same. He tried very hard to respect you, because that is his nature. But he learns something else from your behaviour.

Unfortunately our education system focuses only on memory- what you remember. Out of fear, concern and love, you force your child many times to memorise. And sometimes you scold him for his performance or grades.

You are not able to notice how different your child is, how creative he is, how spontaneous he is, how good he is with sports, or simply how lively he is with all other things, except maybe studies.

Perhaps he is playful like Krishna, and not peaceful like Mahavir. You need to be his Yashoda.

No problem, it is never late. You are a mature adult. If you begin behaving differently, soon your child will start listening to you. Simply start admiring him, appreciating him, accept him and love him the way he is. Respect his likings and dis-likings, this is very important.

friendly-motherYou will see a magic. He will start listening to you, try to do what you like him to do. But please don’t over-expect from him, he is young and he loves to listen to his heart, more than you. Please don’t compel him to dis-obey you. Believe me friends, no child likes to dis-obey his parents. It is our over-expectations from him, that makes him to do so.

Play with him, laugh along with him, and suddenly he will find a friend in you. Your child loves to follow his friends.

~Raju Dharod